As with my adult dogs, my puppies are incredibly precious. I am extremely meticulous about the dam's nourishment, and look after her very carefully throughout her pregnancy, and lactation. Every care is taken at the dam's whelping to ensure a relaxed and happy delivery, with hygiene being a high priority. I stay with all dams (mine and those belonging to people I have been asked to help) throughout their first stage labour, building up trust with them (in the case of dogs who aren't mine) for when their whelping starts. This nearly always means a complete nights' sleep lost, as they invariably whelp during the night! I then sleep in my whelping room for the next 4 weeks to keep Mum and pups safe and well cared for. For the first 2 weeks my bed is about a metre away from the whelping pen, so that I can hear every move and sound as soon as possible. Once the pups start on solid food I am very particular to ensure their diets are catered for with good bone development a priority. I feel this is reflected in my hip scores, which are always below the breed average. As Golden Retrievers can be prone to hip dysplasia, focusing on their bone development at an early stage is key to these scores. My pups are all born indoors. They are raised indoors during the winter months, both indoors and out during the Spring and Summer, but always sleep indoors at night until they leave me. I concentrate very hard on ensuring they are happy, healthy well adjusted pups by the time they leave my care. I get excellent feedback from all my new owners on how well the pups have settled into their new homes and lives, and this makes all the hard work and commitment very worthwhile. I am always happy to ask a previous puppy purchaser to speak to you about their experience of buying from me. My pups all leave with a very comprehensive pack of advice, Kennel Club info and parents health screening paperwork. As well as this, I am available to support and help you for the duration of your dog's life. I always love to hear how my pups are doing, and receive photos of them as they are growing and developing. All my pups come from dogs who are in sound health, and have excellent pedigrees. All my dogs have exceptional temperaments, and this always comes through to their offspring. I get comments from all my pups' owners about how loving my pups are, and I firmly believe this starts with good parent selection, relaxed and trouble-free pregnancy and birth, and by the way they are cared for prior to leaving me. All my girls have at least one clear season between litters, allowing them to regain their strength and health, and have a well earned rest. This is important not only for my girls, but also to ensure top quality puppies, who have the best possible start in life..