My Beautiful and gentle Ella


      Alert in the front garden                              Relaxing in the lounge

       Ella is my most beautiful and gentle of girls. She is Torr's mum, and came to me from Brenda of the Doddridge kennel. She has passed this lovely nature down to her son, my stud boy Torr. I would publicly like to thank Brenda for Ella as she gives me so much in my life, and I am grateful for her each and every day. She is the love of my Grandson's life - and if he sticks to Golden Retriever 'girls' as he grows up it could save him a lot of heartache!  I have seen a previous Ella/Monty litter when she was still with Brenda - and believe me they were stunning and had wonderful natures , so I decided when she had her next 'Monty' litter I would keep one. I kept one of Ella and Monty's March 2011 litter, and have called her Kadie - she has inherited the gorgeous nature of her parents - and her mum's stunning eyes! Unfortunately Ella won't be having any more puppies, but will always be here with me at Barnsgold. 

                                        Jordan and his beloved Ella